Testimonial #1 – Andrea L., Teacher, Courtice, Ontario

“My six-year old daughter has been taking piano lessons with Ruth for two years.  During this time, she has also experienced a variety of percussion instruments and has developed excellent listening skills while playing along with Ruth.  Her program is rich in theory and technique which has challenged my daughter and made her curious about how music is written.  Ruth has given my daughter confidence as a young musician and she continues to foster her love of music”.

Testimonial #2 – Don S. and Daughter Julie, Courtice, Ontario

Julie, 9 yrs old: “I love playing piano with “Mrs. Ruth” because she makes learning so much fun”.

Don:  “I am very happy with the teaching strategy Ruth is using as it drives my daughter to want to practice more and more”.

Testimonial #3 – Kathy & David C. and Son Joshua, Whitby, Ontario

Joshua (11 yr old student):  “Ruth is nice, she gets extra stuff for you like fun songs and booklets to help you learn the notes.  I enjoy having lessons”.

Kathy & David C:  “Our son has been taking piano lessons with Ruth for two years.  She is an excellent teacher.  She works with students at their level and seeks out new ways to keep them engaged.  She is flexible, kind and above all very patient”.

Testimonial #4 – Marie Andree L. – Adult Piano Student, Oshawa

“As a child I always wanted to learn how to play the piano.  At 34 I decided to realise my dream and came upon Ruth as my teacher.  At first I was uncomfortable being one of the oldest of her students.  Ruth has always made me feel comfortable and welcomed.  She has a way of teaching that makes it fun for children and adults alike.  In the 6 months I have studied with her I learned to feel confident with my Theory and Lessons..enough to perform at the recital.  Ruth’s flexibility allows me to reschedule a missed lesson if one of my children falls ill or if they have a project due last minute etc.  Thank you Ruth, I am so happy to have found you as you are an amazing piano teacher.  Marie”

Testimonial #5 – Richard P., RAP Computer Consultants Ltd, Adult Piano Student,Oshawa

“I would like to share my experience with Ruth Warren as my piano teacher. First let me tell you a little about myself. I retired at the end of July 2011 having reached 65. All my life I have taken courses and studied to further my career, I now did not have to do this so I decided I would learn to play the piano. I have never tried to play a piano before, and had no idea what all the little dots and squiggles on a sheet of music meant. I talked to many teachers in the area but decided on Ruth as she not only made me feel comfortable about my decision, she also offered the best terms and conditions for lessons. I started my lessons and have been learning now for just over two months. I am now able to read and understand a music sheet. I can play various tunes including Jingle Bells, We Three kings, As the Saints go marching in, and much more. Ruth answers my questions in terms I can understand, offers me guidance in the type of music I can play with the skills I have acquired to date, and is always supportive and enthusiastic. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the piano regardless of their age.”

Testimonial #6 – Erin O., Teacher, Oshawa

“After doing my research on various music programs in the Durham region, I decided that a private home atmosphere would be the best setting for my 5 year old son’s first introduction to piano lessons. Connecting with Ruth Warren has been an excellent experience. Her music room is a peaceful place, and she provides a program that makes learning fun and enjoyable. My son is eager and excited for his lesson each week, and I truly feel like this will be a foundation for a lifelong love of all things musical. Thank you so much, Ruth!”

Testimonial #7 – Emma B., Parent of a Six Year Old

“Ruth is a wonderful piano teacher.  She is very patient, caring and engaging, which makes our six year old son feel at ease during his lessons.  Each week he gains knowledge and confidence and is eager to learn under Ruth’s guidance.  We are so pleased with his progress.”

Testimonial #8 – Istvan Z, Parent of an Eight Year Old

“My daughter Vanessa started learning to play piano from Ruth in 2014 at age 6.  Ruth’s program for kids is very well structured and rich, with a good balance of practice and theory at an age appropriate level. Ruth is a great teacher, always positive and patient.  She adjusts her approach to the skill level of the student.  My daughter has been progressing steadily in developing her piano and music skills and really enjoying it”.

From Vanessa:

“Mrs. Ruth is the best piano teacher ever!  I have so much fun every week.  I learn to play new songs, I even get to colour and draw. I can play a lot of songs now and read music from a sheet.  I really impress my Mom with my playing”.